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Makeup for Older Women: How to Apply Real Radiance Blush

The last thing you should apply to your face before you put your lipstick on is your blush and you can see what Linda’s doing with it here. So it’s going right onto the cheekbones not the apples of the cheeks which is where everybody thinks it ought to go but it’s much higher than that. You’ve already done an arc of colour with the light pen and now you’re patting the colour onto your cheekbones and just spreading it in with your fingers. The point is that it’s a cream to powder formulation so it’s quite easy to control. You keep building up the intensity of colour that you think you require, depending on how much eye makeup you’ve got on and your skin tone. Some people need more than others. If you’re very pale then your blush is very important to bring a bit of pink to the cheeks. If you’ve already got quite a lot of redness in your skin then you probably need very little blusher. Both our blushes are pinky in tone, which is much more flattering on an older skin than something like an orangey tone.

Then you can take your blusher brush, which is brush number two and using circular motions just ensure that it’s fully blended, no sharp edges and really you’re just giving yourself a lovely sort of pretty glow to your cheeks. I think you can see now just how pretty that looks. .

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